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This monument erected in honor of these pioneer men and their families who on September 15, 1856 founded the first white settlement in Cache Valley then known as Maughan’s Fort now known as Wellsville, Utah

Peter Maughan
Mary Ann Weston Maughan
Charles W. Maughan
Hyrum Maughan
Willard Maughan

George W. Bryan

Zial Riggs
Emeline Knox Riggs
Egbert Z. Riggs
Celia K. Riggs
Robert K. Riggs
Delia K. Riggs

John Maughan
Sarah M. Davenport Maughan
Sarah A. Maughan
Mary A. Maughan

William H. Maughan
Barbara Morgan Maughan
Ruth M. Maughan

Francis W. Gunnell
Polly Ann Edwards Gunnell
Francis C. Gunnell
Sarah E. Gunnell

O. D. Thomson

Dedicated Founders Day, 1931

Located at the chapel at 30 South Center Street in Wellsville, Utah