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This historic tithing office is located at 186 South 500 West in Vernal, Utah and is now the DUP Museum.

Built in 1887, the Vernal Tithing Office is historically significant as one of 32 well preserved tithing buildings in Utah that were part of the successful “in kind” tithing system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) between the 1850s and about 1910. Tithing lots, which usually included an office and several auxiliary structures, were facilities for collecting, storing, and distributing the farm products that were donated as tithing by church members in the cash-poor agricultural communities throughout the state. Harley Mowery, a local stone mason of English descent, was contracted to construct the stone tithing office. The building was saved from demolition in 1958 when it was moved from its original site to its current location by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.