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In 1877 William Morrell brought a water-powered sawmill into Rabbit Valley (Fremont) from Kamas, Utah. The mill was located near Mill Meadows, three miles northeast of Fremont and was operated successfully for several years by William, his sons Silas, and Danial G. Brian. Logs were dragged by oxteam from Pole Canyon to the mill, and the milled lumber was used to build some of the first buildings in Rabbit Valley, much needed in the new settlement. When a serious accident disabled Silas, the mill was sold to Hans M. Hanson and Hiet E. Maxfield, who operated it until it burned down. These mill wheels, bearing the manufacture date of 1862, were buried in the ground below Mill Meadow Reservoir. In August of 1972 they were rescued, restored, and brought to this site by Eldon Morrell, William’s grandson, and several great grandsons.

This historic marker is D.U.P. marker #414, located in John C. Fremont Park in Fremont, Utah