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Fremont Rock Church House

Work on this rock building began in 1902. The black rock was quarried in the basin behind the big ledges above Fremont.

The building was constructed to the square in 1904 by rock masons, George F. F. Albrecht and his sons, John, Henry, and Charlie. Frank Morrell mixed all the mortar of burned lime and sand.

The LDS Church wanted the structure built higher, so Bishop Heitt Maxfield, William Charles Jenson, and Albert Shiner added four more feet of rock. John Hector and Frank Brown were the carpenters, and George Morrell and Charles Ellett hauled the hardwood flooring in wagons from Salt Lake. Benches were constructed by Jerry Jackson. The building was dedicated in 1907.

This building served the people of Fremont for church meetings, plays, dances, weddings, funerals, elections, and other civic gatherings for over half of the nineteenth Century.

On April 1, 1974, the LDS Church sold the building to Camp Geyser of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers for $500.

This historic marker is located in John C. Fremont Park in Fremont, Utah