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Hanksville Rock Meeting House

This buff-colored rock building was constructed by Franz J. Weber, rock mason. It is believed that John G. Ekker, a church official in 1919, and others helped Mr. Weber with the rock work. The rocks were hauled in wagons by men of the community. The building was probably completed in 1920.

Don McDougell and Clive Mecham laid the hardwood floor and constructed benches. A stage was built in the west end of the building with a bell tower over the east double doors. The bell was rung 15 minutes before meetings began. Wood burning stoves heated the building.

Although the building was owned by the LDS Church and used for church meetings, it was also used for weddings, dances, plays, socials, and civic meetings until 1959. The Church deeded the building to the Hanksville Canal company, who gave it to Wayne County, who returned it to Hanksville Town when it was incorporated in 1999.

This building is listed on the register of the Utah State Historical Society and located at 10 South Center Street in Hanksville, Utah.