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The Pioneer Brick Legacy

These bricks were recued out of the rubble left behind when the 1907 Pioneer School building was knocked down in December, 1998. A few days later many truckloads of debris were carried away, leaving only a flat expanse of dirt where once the big brick school with its tall landmark brick chimney stood. These bricks were there, witnessing the changes in education from the early 1900’s. We are unable to go back in time to see those very unique, individual decades, but these bricks remain as a physical reminder that those times were real, benefiting many who passed through the doors of the old Pioneer School.

The brickwork for the Clearfield School, at 435 South Main, was completed by Duncan Brothers late in November of 1906, and the school opened in September, 1907. The two-room brick building had two teachers, Heevy Johnston, from Mt. Pleasant, taught the three lowest grades, and the older children were instructed by Florence Todd of Farmington. Six rows of seats filled each classroom, two for each grade. Soon the school was enlarged to four rooms with two grades taught in each room for the first through eighth grade. The seventh and eighth grade teacher was usually also the principal.

The Clearfield School operated from 1907 until 1923. It was destroyed that year, when the wood roof caught on fire. The closest fire department was in Ogden. After meeting in temporary quarters in a church across the street, by 1926 a new six-room Clearfield School was ready for occupancy. The new building acquired the name “Pioneer School” in 1952 and remained in use until 1980.

In 1981, the Davis County School District moved the Davis County Development Center to the Pioneer building. The vocational program serving students and adults with disabilities changed its name to PARC, the Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center, to preserve the memory of the Pioneer School. The new location offered PARC participants stronger employment opportunities with close proximity to Hill AFB and new government contracts.

PARC occupied the Pioneer building for 16 years before constructing a new building behind the old Pioneer School and moved out in October, 1996. After a short time as an Alternative Junior High, the Pioneer building stood empty until it was razed in December, 1998.

Located at 685 Parc Circle / 435 South Main Street in Clearfield, Utah