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This page is for D.U.P. Markers #412, “Golden Spike Monument.” It was located in front of the “Golden Spike” monument at Golden Spike National Historical Park at Promontory, Utah.

The marker has been removed, hopefully temporarily and I didn’t get photos of it but the text was:

This commemorative monument, erected at the Last Spike site by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in 1919, was relocated for more conspicuous display by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1980. The twenty-two years preceeding the coming of the railroad (1847-1869) is remembered for the most spectacular migrations in American history, with 86,000 emigrants leaving their homes in foreign countries and the United States. The majority walked beside their loaded wagons; about 6,000 lost their lives and are buried along the trails. It is these pioneers we are pledged to commemorate.

The Transcontinental Railroad opened a progressive era, with speed and ease of transportation from East to West, and signaled the end of the slow, torturous travel.