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Panguitch Tithing Lot

During the first settlement of Panguitch, between 1864 and 1867, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints paid tithes with produce and cattle, which were kept on this lot and disbursed as needed. Barns and corrals were constructed on the northeast section. One granary was built in the middle of the lot; another on the south side of the lot, with a wooden step loading dock.

On the northwest corner of the lot the Tithing Office was built of hewn logs covered with shiplap painted gray. The building served as a school classroom and priesthood meeting room. It also served as the first courthouse, for which the county paid $10.00 per month to rent to the Church. It is now part of a private home.

A new Bishop’s Storehouse constructed of brick was dedicated August 25, 1907. It was later used for church classrooms and seminary. In April 1964, it was leased to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers for their museum.

Located at 117 East Center Street in Panguitch, Utah