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The Kington Fort-Morrisite War Site
This monument was placed here to commemorate a three day, little known battle that occurred 13, 14, and 15 June 1862

The Kington (Kingston) Fort a 645 foot by 645 foot enclosure, was built on this site in 1853 to protect the early settlers from possible Indian attacks. Since there were no Indian problems in South Weber, the fort was deserted in 1858.

In early 1862, the fort was taken over by Joseph Morris, an excommunicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who had founded a church commonly known as the Morrisites. At one time the Morrisite fort population exceeded 200 men, women and children. In June 1862 three men, who no longer believed in Morris’ teachings, attempted to leave the fort. They were captured by a Morrisite posse and forcefully returned to the fort. Responding to a report by observers of this action, the sheriff and a small posse approached the fort with the intention of taking the men for a formal hearing on the charges of which they were accused. The request was denied and further attempts were blocked. As a result, acting governor Frank Fuller ordered a militia under the command of Robert T. Burton to proceed to the fort. Even this large, heavily armed group failed to free the imprisoned men. A cannon ball fired into the fort killed two women and seriously wounded a teenage girl. As the army assaulted the fort and breached the gates, two militiamen were killed. In the ensuing confusion, Morris, his second in command, John Banks and two more women were killed. In all, eleven people died.

After the death of their leaders, the Morrisites scattered, with most going to Soda Springs, Idaho. Others settled in Carson City, Nevada and Deer Lodge Montana. A few other members were rebaptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and remained in South Weber.

This monument is SUP Marker #128 (see others in the series on this page), it was erected in August 2006 by:

  • Daughters of Utah Pioneers – South Weber Chapter
  • Sons of Utah Pioneers – Ogden Pioneer Chapter
  • All Build Construction and Landscaping
  • Site by Douglas B. Stephens

The location is N 41.14677 W 111.96884, at 6600 South on 475 East in South Weber, Utah.

This heavy (18 lb) 4 1/2″ diameter cannon ball is a relic of the Morrisite War and was donated y Joseph Stevens to the Weber County Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum.