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Ross Hame, also known as the historic William Harvey and Sarah Seegmiller Ross House, was constructed 1922-1923. William Harvey Ross was president of the Gunnison Valley Sugar Company and a business partner to famed chewing gum industrialist William Wrigley, Jr.

Ross Hame and its grounds are locally significant as they represent a rare collaboration between three important Utah architects, namely Walter Ware, Alberto Treganza, and Georgius Cannon. Ross Hame was designed during the final year of Ware and Treganza’s eighteen-year partnership and was a project its architects were particularly proud of as evidenced by their submittal of the home’s plan to a 1924 exhibition in Los Angeles sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. Although such estates continue to shape Holladay’s twenty-first century identity, very few of Holladay’s first-generation estates have survived excessive alteration or outright demolition and even fewer have retained much of their historic landscape. In the case of Ross Hame, however, the house, its adjacent stable/caretaker’s cottage, and much of its landscape convey the original intent of their designers, and grants the passerby a rare glimpse into Holladay’s rural past which contrasts greatly with the city’s twenty-first-century redevelopment.

Located at 4769 S Holladay Blvd in Holladay, Utah and listed on the National Historic Register (#100002703) July 23, 2018.