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Burial Plot
Enclosing graves (west side) of two men and a child, emigrants of the early eighteen sixties.

Original Wall erected in 1888, by Mrs. Horace (Aunt Libby) Rockwell, to shelter graves of her beloved dogs.

  1. Jenny Lind
  2. Josephine Bonaparte
  3. Bishop
  4. Toby Tyler

Companions in her lonely, childless vigils here. About 1866 to 1890.

This monument was constructed at Lookout Pass by enrollees, U. S. Grazing Division, C. C. C. Camp G-154, Company 2517 on August 23, 1940 and sponsored by the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association (#95 of their monuments) it was later adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers (#239 of their monuments) and rededicated in 2017.