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Old Ashley Postoffice

Ashley Valley, settled in 1873, had its first postoffice in this structure. Built in 1879 by Wilbur C. Britt, the first postmaster. Logs hauled from nearby forests were put together with wooden pegs and square nails to erect one large room. A partition separated the postoffice from a store. Once a week carriers, riding horseback or wearing snowshoes, delivered the mail to and from Greenriver, Wyo. Mail service here was discontinued in 1899. This building now belongs to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #313, located at 1333 West 2000 North in Vernal, Utah


The Ashley Post Office was established in the center of Ashley Town on December 27,1878. At that time there were about 300 settlers in Ashley Valley. Wilbur Carlton Britt and Finley Britt used logs from nearby mountains, wooden pegs, and square nails in constructing this building. It had a dirt roof and wide board floors. The cracks between the logs which were filled with mud. A log partition separated the post office from a grocery store. Wilbur Britt was appointed first postmaster on April 16, 1879. The Ashley Post Office is also on the Utah Register of Historic Places.

Interior of Old Post Office
In the southwest corner of the post office was a pot-bellied stove with places all around to sit and visit. These visits were mostly of a social nature, but from these visits the pioneers also acquired knowledge and news from the outside world. At about the time the post office was built there were around 300 settlers in the valley.