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Matt Warner Home

Matt Warner left home in 1879 at age 15, thinking he had killed a rival in a fight over a girl. He lived his early life on the outlaw trail as a bandit and rustler and was sent to prison on September 21, 1896.

Matt was pardoned by Governor Wells on January 21, 1900. He settled in Price and spent his remaining 38 years as a productive member of society; serving as deputy Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, detective and night policeman. In 1912 he ran for Sheriff but was defeated because he ran under his real name of Willard Christiansen and nobody knew who that was. Matt lived in this house until his death on December 21, 1938.

This historic marker was dedicated by the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E Clampus Vitus on July 19, 1997 and is located at 55 South 200 East in Price, Utah