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“Annie’s Place” Annis

March 1879, the first of many hardy, courageous pioneers to settle here were Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Fisher and son Will, Mr. and Mrs Albert Richardson and Joseph Fisher and family. First white child born, H. J. Fisher 16 December 1879. First public building was a combined log post office and home of James and Anna Kearney. They forded “Dry Bed Channel” of Snake River to bring mail to their central place which became known as “Annie’s Place.” Kearneys applied for postal service in 1886 which was granted 1896 but with the name of Annis. Little Butte Cemetery’s first recorded burial, 1879. Brush Canal combined with Island Irrigation Co., 1886. C. A. Casper built a store, 1886 which included the millinery shop of Nancy Casper. Other firsts were: Little Butte School, 1894; Utah Idaho Sugar Co., 1908; Beet Dump by rail- road spur from Menan to Hawkins Grove, 1917.

This large bell hung in the belfry of Annis brick school building for sixty years, 1908-1968, calling children to school for many generations, season after season.

This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #230 located at the Annis Little Butte Cemetery in Menan, Idaho.

These photos were provided by Marshall Hurst.