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Tooele City Pioneer Memorial

The base or bottom ring symbolizes the family, the basic unit of our society. The plow represents the industry of man. The wheat is the fruit of honest labor. The wheel represents our effort to move forward. The father is the head or leader and provider of the family. He provides direction for the future with his hand on the wheel. The mother located in the center, represents the heart of the home, also teaching and nurturing the family. The boy kneeling at his mother’s knee represents that the greatest lessons are taught in the home. The girl standing with a book in her hand represents the need for continued education giving her wisdom and learning in her youth. All of these is a family unit. Each unit represents understanding and accepting of its different roles, working together in harmony and peace, and progressing forward to a brighter day.

Sons of Utah Pioneers historic marker #97, located at 128 West Vine Street at the Library in Tooele, Utah

Note: The monument statue is flanked on each side by two panels of stone in which are engraved the names of more than 800 men, women, and children who were the original pioneers.