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Harlan and Marie Nelson House

Built in 1963.

The Harlan and Marie Nelson House is located at 2785 East Lancaster Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah and was added to the National Historic Register (#100006014) on January 4, 2021.

From ksl.com:
The Nelson House sticks out to anyone who has crossed its path over the past 58 years. Built from cream brick, plywood, glass and steel, it literally sticks out.
“The style is strictly International Style with distinctive features, such as an irregularly-shaped hexagonal roof with prominent roof steel members, walls of glass, an open floor plan in the gathering spaces around a central hearth and a sunken den on the garden level,” historians wrote. “More than the California ranch or other common house styles of the period, popularity of the International Style was inherent on unique clients as they were particularly suited for unique lifestyles.”
Harlan Nelson was one of IBM’s top salesmen during the rise of computers in the 1950s. His work took him and his family to Salt Lake City in 1956. A few years later, they hired Utah-based architect Eduard Dreier to design their dream home.
Historians noted that Dreier was “a prolific residential architect with a relatively short career,” and the Nelson home is unique among Dreier’s work. He was one of a few Utah-based architects that dabbled in the International Style at this time.
It remained with the Nelsons up until Marie Nelson’s death in 2018. It’s still a private residence to this day.