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The Idaho Falls LDS Hospital and School of Nursing

The idea of the hospital was conceived by Heber C. Austin with construction commencing in 1919, though the completion of the building was delayed because of a depressed economy. On 22 October 1923, the hospital was dedicated by President Heber J. Grant of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The school of nursing was essential in the operation of the hospital, the third floor being residence for the student nurses, until it became necessary to erect “The Nurse’s Home.”

The Hospital is remembered for compassionate service to all the people of the Upper Snake River Valley, regardless of race and religion. The Church divested its ownership 1st of April 1975, though under names of Idaho Falls and Riverview, the hospital continued serving the community until December 1986.

The building was located northeast of this monument. The monument resembles the original structure, and bricks therefrom were used in building it.

The text above is from Sons of Utah Pioneers historic marker #30, erected July 24th 1990 and located at Riverside Drive and Memorial Drive in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

These photos were submitted by Marshall Hurst: