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Bancroft’s First School

One block west from this site, in 1894, the pioneers of this area erected a school house built of red brick made and kilned by them. It was one room, twenty-five by forty feet. Guss Erickson laid the brick, first teachers were Edith Townsend and Nathan Barlow. In 1907 the school was sold to the L.D.S. Church and additional rooms built. It was used as a place of worship until 1930. The bell hung in a tower of the school house and called the people to school, church, and other assemblies. When the building was razed in 1945 the bell was given to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

The text above is from Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #232, located at 95 South Main Street in Bancroft, Idaho.

The photos below were submitted by Marshall Hurst: