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During the years between 1860 and 1879 this plot of ground was used as a burial place for the pioneers. It was the junction where three farms joined. A child of Joseph Thompson was the first person interred, but as the owners objected to their land being used as burial grounds some of the bodies were moved to the present cemetery but several remained here; among them two children of a Mr. Rasmussen, one of the original owners. Their graves are marked by lilac bushes.


This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers marker #126 located at 1144 Columbia Lane in Provo, Utah.


“In about 1860, the corner of three land grants belonging to James Smith, Joseph Thompson, and a man named Rasmussen, became the burial ground for a child of Thompson. As time went on, other burials were added and eventually not only were there graves on the Thompson land, but on the land belonging to the other two landowners. By 1879, this location had become a fair-sized cemetery (around sixty burials). The landowners objected and refused to allow other burials to take place. They also requested that the bodies of those buried there be removed at the expense of their families. Most of the bodies were removed to Temple Hill Cemetery. However, some next of kin had moved from the community, others could not afford the expense involved, while still others preferred to leave their loved ones unmolested, even though it meant they would rest in an unmarked grave. Two Rasmussen children are still buried there and their graves are marked by two lilac bushes north and west of the Baptist Church on Columbia Lane. A portion (Block 5, Lot 62) of the Provo City Cemetery was reserved for bodies removed from Temple Hill Cemetery and Grandview Hill Cemetery. Some headstones are present, but most are unmarked graves.”– Courtesy of Provo Library: History of Provo: Cemeteries