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A small town at the base of West Mountain and named for it, West Mountain, Utah is just west of Payson and Benjamin.

A monument at the chapel in West Mountain reads:
The first inhabitants of West Mountain were a band of ancient Fremont Indians from 300-1000 A.D. They recorded their existence on rock art near the north point.

The first recorded Mormon settlers were George and Eliza Rust. Other settlers in the 1800′s were William McBeth, Jesse and Amanda Knight, Wallace S. Clark, Andrew Hendrickson, Freeman and Carol Tanner, Pardon and Clarissa Webb and James S. and Diana McBeth, whose home still stands across the street from this monument.

In the early 1900′s, few moved into the area. In 1916 Strawberry Water became available for irrigation that made possible the growth that was to come.

West Mountain Mormons attended church in a Payson ward until January 16, 1949, when the West Ward was created with Abner Baird as Bishop. Dephin S. Hiatt was the second Bishop and under his direction the West Ward Chapel was built. West Ward members concentrated their efforts in cash and labor and on April 25, 1954 this chapel was dedicated by Elder Richard L. Evans.

West Mountain has seen many changes since the Ancient Indians and early pioneers settled the land. There presently exists four West Mountain Wards. After every division there were tears of parting but here the Kingdom still thrives, all sharing in the blessings and heritage of West Mountain.