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THE OLD RED SCHOOLHOUSE 1899-1965 – DUP Marker # 464

Construction on the old red schoolhouse started in the spring of 1899 and was completed in 1901 at a cost of $3,789.12. In 1882 school trustees petitioned Alpine City to purchase the land to build the schoolhouse and paid $5.00 for it. Sand for mortar came from Whitby’s sand pit; L.L. Clark made adobes; and Fred Clark hauled them to the site. Brick was purchased in Provo for $6.00 per thousand, delivered. The 30 ft. by 60 ft. redbrick building had four large rooms, two on the ground floor and two on the top floor. A stairway with oak banister, was on the south side. In the southwest corner upstairs was an office. A coal furnace provided steam heat. These words, “18 ALPINE PUBLIC SCHOOL 99″, were inscribed on the wall above the arch entrance. The outside front steps were of red sandstone with a cement apron. A large bell in the belfry rang at 8:30 signaling school would start in thirty minutes. October 23, 1899, this schoolhouse opened. Mary (May) E. Whitby was the first teacher and taught four classes with a total of sixty-four pupils. When eight grades were formed with two grades in each room, one teacher taught both grades. Pupils sat at old-fashioned desks. The Alpine gymnasium was built in 1923-24 about twenty feet east of the old schoolhouse, costing $13,767.00. School lunches were served on its stage. Over the years the community enjoyed school, athletic, cultural and social events. These buildings hold cherished memories for many generations of Alpiners.
What we are is because of what others have been. This monument is a symbol of thanks to all who have sacrificed to teach young minds to dream beyond the what is, into the what may be. The buildings are gone but the lessons taught will last forever. …list of teachers, principals and students who attended the Alpine School.

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