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Carter/Terry/Call House
(815 East 800 South)

The Carter/Terry/Call house, built ca.1899, is a two story, pink brick Victorian Eclectic-style house with Classical details. This cross wing-type house is unusual with the hipped roofs, particularly for a period when the central-block-with-projecting-bays type house was the most common for larger buildings on the Provo Bench. Although probably built by Richard Carter, the most significant owner of the house was Otis L. Terry, the second Bishop of the Timpanogos Ward which then embodied almost the entire Provo Bench. The size and style of the house exemplify the importance of the bishop, who was not only a religious leader, but a civic leader in a growing settlement and is representative of the kinds of homes built by prominent members of the community during a period of agricultural growth.

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