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Christeele Acres Historic District

Christeele Acres Historic District

(Roughly bounded by State Street, 900
South, 450 East, and 1010 South)

The Christeele Acres Historic District is a residential
subdivision built in 1943. The district consists of
sixty-two single-family dwellings and three duplexes
on sixty-five rectangular lots. The buildings are all
one-story brick World War II-era cottages, similar
in scale and materials. Built during World War II for
defense workers, the design and construction of the
houses were tightly controlled. The floor plans and
stylistic elements were based on the Federal Housing
Administration (FHA) “minimum house” prototypes
developed in the 1930s. The majority of the dwellings
have four principal rooms and approximately 700
square feet of living space. While World War II-era
houses in general were stylistically plain, the homes in
Christeele Acres display an unusually high degree of
variety for the time period. Not including the duplexes,
there are eight distinct facade treatments and several
minor variations in floor plans. In addition, the houses
were well constructed and demonstrate a high quality
of materials and workmanship. With few exceptions
the houses and yards have been maintained and are in
good condition.