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Alexander and Nellie P. Cordner House
(415 South 400 East)


Alexander and Nellie P. Cordner House

The Alexander and Nellie Cordner house is a one and one-half story, brick central-block with projecting-bays type house on a concrete-covered stone foundation.
Built ca.1909, the house is a good example of Victorian Eclecticism in the region. The Cordner house was one of the largest houses in this area at the time it was built. The house has many of the characteristics found in Victorian Eclectic architecture; including an asymmetrical facade, open floor plan, and the use of various architectural styles and details. The elaborate Victorian Eclectic detailing belies the prosperity of Cordner who, as a farmer, cattle rancher, real estate dealer, and landowner, was one of the prominent citizens of the community, and is reflective of the City’s agricultural development and city growth.