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Cullimore Mercantile
(398 North State Street)

Cullimore Mercantile

In the 1890s Orville Cobbley established a small butcher shop and store here. Later the business was purchased by James Cobbley, who expanded the building and also used the shop as the first post office for Lindon.
Around 1900, Albert L. Cullimore purchased the property and built a larger store, using the first building as a warehouse; thus the business became known as the Cullimore Mercantile. It is told by long-time residents of Lindon that because both James Cobbley and Albert Cullimore were LDS bishops in Lindon for some time, the local children grew up thinking that the bishop had to own the store.
The store provided everything the early town might have needed—from machinery to medicine, hardware to clothing, to staples such as flour, onions, and beans. Local farmers brought fresh produce to trade; housewives bartered with eggs, butter, or cream for household necessities. Children hoped for an extra egg to spend on candy dispensed from shiny glass jars.
The Cullimore Mercantile was sold in 1937; the building was eventually vacated.

In May of 2020 I was driving by and saw that it had just been demolished.