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Joshua Davis House

The Davis house, built in 1892-96, is a one-and-one-half story, brick, Victorian Eclectic cross-wing house and has a stone foundation. The house has many of the hallmarks of the Victorian Eclectic pioneer houses, including decorative brickwork, elaborately carved and turned woodwork, and arched window openings.

The house represents the transition that was occurring on the bench with more ornamental Victorian styles replacing the austere, unembellished Classical forms. Although it was, regionally, a moderately-sized example, the Davis house was quite large, comparatively, for those who had settled on the Provo Bench.

The size and architectural detailing of the house, plus the fact that Joshua Davis lived here with his children from three marriages, would suggest that as farmers and fruit growers, they prospered in the expanding agriculture industry during the early development of the Provo Bench.

1888 South Main Street in Orem, Utah