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Peery Hotel

Built just three blocks east of the Denver & Rio Grande Depot, the Peery Hotel was well-placed to take advantage of Salt Lake City’s rail traffic. The building has functioned continuously as a hotel since its construction in 1910 (by Joseph S. and David H. Peery.) The E-shaped plan of the upper two levels of the building provides natural light to all the hotel rooms. This plan is accentuated visually by the brick quoins at the corner of each wing. The hotel’s major decorative feature is its tin cornice with paired brackets and egg-and-dart molding. Look for a pair of inlaid tile Latin crosses on either side of the center windows of the center section.

Peery Hotel

Congregation B’Nai Israel
The Peery Hotel sits at the site of the first permanent Jewish house of worship in Utah back in 1883.

jews have been part of Utah’s religious, economic, social and political life since the mid – 19th century. Congregation B’nai Israel was organized in 1874. The first service was held in March 1883. B’nai Israel merged with Congregation Montefiore in 1972 establishing Congregation Koi Ami.

Congregation B’nai Israel in Utah affirmed the American principles of Freedom of Religion and Assembly.

First Jewish House of Worship in Utah