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The Provo River Parkway weaves its way through state, city and county parks, as well as residential and commercial areas following the Provo River, then along University Avenue to the mouth of Provo Canyon. Its 15-mile length stretches from Utah Lake State Park to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. At its northern end, the trail passes the base of Bridal Veil Falls for a spectacular view. The route is a Class 1, multi-use, gradual inclined, paved trail with a couple of short steep climbs. From Utah Lake State Park to the mouth of Provo Canyon, the path is 8-10 feet wide and nearly flat most of the way. In the canyon, the surface widens to 16 feet, and rises a little more steeply. There are some surface street crossings and some narrow underpasses. Water, restrooms, parking and picnic areas are available in the parks along the route.(*)

I have been riding the Provo River Parkway for most of my life, it is very fun and easy so even little kids can do it.

The trail is usually covered with joggers, walkers, bikers and longboarders.

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