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Fort Utah Park was named after a Fort Utah replica built on the park grounds in 1972. The original fort didn’t stand at this location, but was originally several blocks east of the park. The original fort was used by the Mormon Pioneers when they first settled Provo. The replica was demolished in January of 2017. You can read more about the replica Fort Utah demolition by clicking here. This park also has four league baseball fields, a playground and challenging skate park. The Provo River Parkway Trail is also easily accessed from Fort Utah Park and the Geneva Rd Trailhead which is conveniently located across the street. (text from Provo’s website)

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Karl J. Thalman Fields

These youth baseball fields were dedicated May 3, 1996 in honor of Karl J. Thalman, a long time champion of youth and recreation activity in Provo.  Raised just a few blocks from this site, Karl set down roots in Provo and founded Thalman Jewelers and Awards, which began operations in 1952.

karl has always believed in the importance of maintaining excellent recreational and athletic activities for youth as an alternative to idle time and mischief.  Consistent with that belief, he served as president of the Provo City Youth Baseball Council from 1954-1983.  He also served many years as an officer of the Utah County Boys and Girls Club and the Utah Golf Association.  Karl Thalman has provided a better tomorrow to many through his years of dedication to the youth of Provo.

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