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Mosida Utah


Bateman’s Mosida Farms

Mosida is near the south-west shore of Utah Lake, eleven miles north of Elberta. on December 5th, 1908, R.F. Morrison, Joseph A Simpson, and J.E. Davis purchased 6,880 acres of land to establish a new community. Within four to five years a hotel, schoolhouse, post office, and general store were operating. In 1915 the town was hopelessly in debt and by 1924 it was a ghost town. The community name was coined from the first two letters of the three promoters, Morrison, Simpson, and Davis.

In 1911 a telephone line from Lehi was completed and 20 new homes were built. The following year, a 25-room hotel was constructed, as well as a schoolhouse, a post office, and a general store. Mosida boasted a population of almost 600. Mosida was growing, but in 1914 something unexpected happened — the water level in Utah Lake was going down, and by the summer of 1915 the lake had receded a record setting three-eighths of a mile, leaving the pump house useless. The crops soon died. Debts went unpaid and people started leaving.(*)


Mosida Lodge and Wildlife Refuge


Mosida Hotel


Remains of the hotel

Mosida has a church replica handcart trek (my parents are in the stake that runs it), they allow people to reenact the pioneers coming across Wyoming trying to get to Utah. (visit link)

Here’s a cool website talking about Mosida.

Another good one, http://www.waterhistory.org/histories/mosida/mosida.pdf

On 3/19/16 I stopped by with my family and the property owner and took some pictures that can be seen here: