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The pioneers of Spring City established a cemetery at this location in 1857. It is in the shape of the State of Utah. The earliest known burial was that of Newton Devine Allred in 1857. Three men who were casualties of the Black Hawk War, James Meek, Martin Andrew Johansen, and Lars Alexander Justesen, were buried here in 1867 and 1868. Isaac Allred, brother of James Allred founder of Spring City, was interred in 1870.

Many of the markers were of local sandstone, and the elements have washed away some of the names and dates. This cemetery was nearly covered with wooden markers, mostly children’s graves. Some graves were marked with only a square stone at the head and a smaller one at the foot, and still others with a pile of rocks. The last person buried here was Isaac Morton Behunin in 1910. This cemetery was then filled and a new location was found.