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Pioneer William Robb Jr. built a rock house consisting of three rooms with a cellar, diagonally across the street from this location. It was later sold to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and became a tithing office about 1890. In addition to the collection of tithes and offerings, the building was used for Thursday Night prayer meetings and the monthly Thursday Fast Day meeting. Two granaries were built on the lot to store grain turned in as tithing. A large barn, a cattle corral, a large set of scales and a stationary hay bailer were added to the lot.


On this corner once stood the Relief Society Hall which had been constructed in 1869 in another part of town and later moved here. The first Relief Society president Eliza A. Barton. Due to crowded conditions in the Old White Church, which was used for school, students used the Relief Society Hall for the first five grades. This building was later sold and moved.

Located in Paragonah.


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