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SCHOOLHOUSE – The second schoolhouse in Enoch was a two-story structure built on this site in 1917-1918. It was a brick building containing two classrooms, two libraries, two bathrooms and a furnace room. Only one room served as a classroom, and one was sometimes used as a playroom during the winter. Between twenty and thirty students a year attended this school in grades one through six. The building was used until Iron County bussed the students from Enoch to Cedar City. It was torn down some years later.

TITHING OFFICE – On the site across the street and one-half block to the west are the remains of the Bishop’s storehouse and tithing office. The wooden building, 20 feet by 17 feet 9 inches, had a tall peaked roof, an outside staircase, and looked like an ordinary granary. It contained bins both in the basement and on the main floor. These bins were used to store grain, potatoes and other crops that were brought in as tithing payments. Tithing produce was used to help those in need. Sometimes seed, such as wheat, was loaned to the farmers at planting time to be paid back after the harvest.


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