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The adjoining Benjamin Barr Neff farm – one forth (sic) of a mile north of here – became known as “Neff’s Station at Dry Creek” or just “Neff’s Station” after Deseret Telegraph established an office here in 1871. Mary Ellen Love Neff, 20-year-old second wife of Benjamin operated the station. The Neff farm was an ideal location for the telegraph station because the north-south line connecting Salt Lake City and east-west lines connecting Alta and Bingham, crossed at that point. With the coming of the cross-valley railroad through the Sandy area in 1873, the telegraph station was moved to that community. Mary Ellen was retained as operator for the new Sandy station. Benjamin Barr Neff, of Swiss ancestry, became a successful farmer owning dairy cows, horses and mules. The well which he dug for the farm was used until a few years ago and remains on the property.

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