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Located at 427 East 500 North in Lehi is the Thomas Austin House.  The house was built for English-born local rancher Thomas Austin, for $4,000. According to its NRHP nomination, it is “the best example in Lehi of Victorian domestic architecture.” And: “At a time when eclecticism and irregularity in house design was at a premium, the Austin House projects an asymmetry of massing and mixing of historical details which is truly exceptional.”

Thomas Austin and several brothers formed Austin Brothers, a phenomenally successful sheep and cattle business.  For many years after Austin’s death his home was an apartment house.  Wes and Geraldine Dalley have been restoring this wonderful home over the more recent years.  The house was the site of several scenes in the 1987 movie, Promised Land.

I had a great visit with Wes and Geraldine, they told me stories of the house, the store they own on Main Street and several other historic places in Lehi.

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