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Located at 277 East 300 North in Provo is the John J. and Emily Craner House.

Constructed in or around 1906, this one-and-a-half story Victorian style home is build of light yellow brick and has a rubble stone foundation.  The structure is a central black form with a projecting gabled bay on the front and each side.  A single story kitchen extends from the back of the house.

The original owners of this home, John J. and Emily Craner, sold the house to J. Marinus Jensen in 1912.  Jensen was the first principal of Provo’s Maeser School, and was later principal of the Franklin School.  At the time he purchased the home, he was and English professor at Brigham Young University.  He is perhaps best remembered as the author of History of Provo Utah, issued in 1924.  It was the city’s first published history.

Joseph Jensen (JJ) Keeler, a grandson of the Jensens, was born in this home in 1913.  He became a prominent musician, studying organ in Germany and England before forming the organ department at BYU, which he led for 40 years.  Keeler and Jensen collaborated on several pieces of music.  One latter-day saint hymn, “Men Are That They Might Have Joy,” features words by Jensen and music by Keeler.

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