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The first Lindon church building was completed in 1891 on land donated by Joseph W. Ash.  In the fall of 1941, the original building was condemned and was torn down.  On May 31, 1947 a building lot was purchased where a new and larger church could be constructed.  It was located immediately west of what is now the Lindon Elementary School.

The ground breaking ceremony was held on April 6, 1949.  Ward members sacrificed their time and money to help build this new church.  Through the continued efforts of ward members and the stake building committee, work was completed on the chapel and it was dedicated on March 23, 1952.

Over the years, as Lindon grew and the needs of new wards put more demand on the Main Street chapel, renovations were made and additions were added.

In 2010, the LDS Church constructed a new chapel on 500 North in Lindon and relocated the wards that were meeting in the Main Street chapel to the new chapel.  The LDS church intended to demolish the Main Street chapel as it was too small to be used for the large Lindon wards and had limited capacity for the parking demands of multiple wards.

Lindon City became aware of the plans to demolish the building, and adter some negotiations, purchased the property from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in July of 2010.  Upon condition of the sale, the old steeple and church signs were removed from the chapel.  After some minor remodeling of the building, the City reopened it to the public in June 2011 as the new Lindon City Community Center and the Lindon Senior Center.  The building now houses the Lindon City Parks & Recreation Department, as well as the Lindon City Historical Society.  It also provides a place for community gatherings and events.