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Walker’s Service Station
370 North State Street in Lindon

The first service station in Lindon was built by Bill Cobbley. In 1930 he sold it to Richard L. Walker, who remodeled the building, added a retail location for groceries and hardware, and renamed the business “Walker’s Service.” Richard’s son Ivan became heavily involved in the family business in the early 1950s and has guided the company’s growth ever since. Beginning in the early 1970s, Ivan began adding additional service station locations. As time passed, carwash bays and convenience stores became an integral part of the business. Recently,
the development of fast-food franchises in conjunction with the stores has been highly successful. At the present time there are 20 Walker’s locations in 17 communities throughout Utah. The Walker’s mission is to provide quality gasoline at competitive prices, fast friendly services, and a good future for its employees.

In 2007 the Walker’s franchise was sold to Tetco, and a few years later it was bought by 7-Eleven.

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