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The Joseph Wadley Farm
67 East 400 North in Lindon

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In 1869, Joseph Wadley, a Mormon convert from England, was granted legal title to farm 32 acres on this Lindon hill. A horticulturist by trade, Joseph cleared this land of sagebrush and rock, developed the irrigation system, and planted a large variety of shade and fruit trees that he had brought from his home in England.

In 1881 he began quarrying and hauling Tulfa rock from Pleasant Grove for construction of this home. It was designed after the traditional English country manor, with formal English gardens in the front. The home was completed in 1882.

Joseph and his family resided here until his death in 1904. His son, Joseph Daniel Wadley, purchased this farm in 1907. He in turn sold the property to his son, Joseph Daniel Wadley, Jr., in 1925. In 1988, a grandson purchased the home and restored it to its original state. He also added several more rooms at the back of the home.