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Gillman Farm
584 West Gillman Lane in Lindon

In 1863, James Henry Gillman purchased 10 acres of land from James Cullimore and established this farm. Gillman built a house on the property for his wife and family, and after his death, his son John Chesterton Gillman moved back home with his own family. The original house burned down in 1902.

In 1903–04 John Gillman hauled soil and rocks with a team of horses to fill in a hollow near the original site
in order to build a new two-room brick house. Later, two more rooms and a large pantry were added.

In 1941 John’s son Alvin “Snow” Gillman and his wife, Louie Thorne Gillman, bought the property. Snow and Louie also owned the old Lindon tithing office, and when they moved to the Gillman farm, Snow disassembled the barn and granaries and rebuilt them on the farm, where they stand today. At the same time, the Gillmans began remodeling the house, but had to wait until after the end of World War II to finish the plumbing.

The farm has been owned and worked by four generations of the Gillman family and continues in use today. It also was recognized recently by the State of Utah as a Century Farm.

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