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Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church

Organized during the 1880’s by the Reverend T. Saunders, this congregation has served as a focus of black religious, social, and cultural activity in Utah from territorial days to the present. In 1907 property at this spot was acquired, and a church designed by Hurly Howell was constructed through the sacrifice and energy of the congregation under the Reverend T. C. Bell. Restoration was begun in 1976 under the Reverend D. D. Wilson.

The congregation met in various members’ homes until it acquired enough funds to buy property to build a church in 1907. The new church was located on 600 South which is now Martin Luther King Boulevard.

From the 1930s and through the 1960s the church congregation numbered around 300 members. Despite the previous strong membership, the church has struggled with declining membership since the 1970s.  In 2012 it reported only 50 worshippers a week. Trinity AME now touts itself as a “working class” church that primarily serves widowed senior citizens. It has struggled to attract more youth despite its long history of community involvement.  It continues to hold youth activities such as movie nights that partner with the Salt Lake City women’s shelter.  It also sponsors interfaith events that involve other religious denominations in the city.(*)