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This stone donated by Lehi Sunday Schools. Laid Sept. 14, 1901.

(etched in stone, difficult to read) Lehi ……… of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints erected A.D. 1901

To gain an appreciation of the Tabernacle cornerstone, one must learn of its creators. Englishman Arthur Bradder (born in 1855), at the age of thirteen began a two-year stone­cutting apprenticeship which he left because of an abusive master. He then traveled about England, Wales, and France plying the skills he had learned.

Working in Liverpool, England, during 1876 Bradder was able to save enough money to transport his family to America. In Salt Lake City in 1897 he formed a partnership with his son­-in-­law, Joseph J. Gill. After being told there would be no stonecutting competition in Lehi, the duo moved to town and established the Lehi Stone, Marble and Granite Works (later Arthur Bradder & Company) on the northeast corner of Fourth North and First East.

The first major contract Bradder and Gill obtained was for the decorative stone on the downtown People’s Co­op building (189 West Main). Presumably they also did the stone work on the New log Cabin Saloon (155 West Main), Merrihew Building (98 West Main), Ross Block (86 West Main), and the main building of the uptown People’s Co­op (151 East State)­­ all built between 1902 and 1908.

Another example of the fine stone­cutting abilities of Bradder and Gill is the Lehi Pioneer Monument, on the Memorial building grounds

The above photos show the conerstone displayed at the chapel at 200 N Center St in Lehi, but it was later moved to behind the Lehi Historical Society and Archives building at 34 E 100 N. The below photos show it there.