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Located in Bountiful is a private family museum for the Wood family.  It’s a cool looking historic old building they built for that purpose.

The Bountiful Area Historic Site plaque says:

George C. Wood Home and Vineyard

George C. Wood built this original small rock house in 1879. With his wives Adelaide Ridges and Juliett Howard he reared a large family and the house grew with them. His large vineyard included 55 acres of 38 varieties of grapes. He also planted nut trees and melons of different varieties. He raised the first turkey red wheat in the county and also sugar cane from which be made molasses and sorghum. Son Wilford Wood established a fur business on the premises. He also expanded the structure for his private historical collection. On May 22, 1961 the home was honored by President David O. McKay dedicating it as “Mother’s Home of Learning.”

Historic marker donated by Wilford Wood Melchizedek Priesthood Foundation

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Located at 3603 South 550 West in Bountiful, Utah