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Judge Joseph C. Rich and his wife, Ann Eliza Hunter, moved to Centerville as they were finishing this house, just a few weeks prior to Joseph’s death in 1908. Ann lived here for a few more years with her youngest daughter before moving back to Idaho where she died in 1930. The Rich family continued to own the property, and several renters occupied the house until 1930 when it was sold to Herbert Rex and Rosetta (Etta) Smith Streeper.

Herb, born in Centercille in 1878, and Etta, born in Providence that same year, were married in 1902. He was a farmer and secretary of Barnard Creek Irrigation Company for many years. She was a member of the Sagamore Camp of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. They had two daughters and four sons, deeded the house to their daughter Dorothy in 1941, nd lived here until their deaths in 1968 and 1954, respectively.

Dorothy Streeper taught English and was the student-body adviser at Davis High School (1937-61). She then became a counselor at two other high schools until retiring in 1971. She was also very active in sharing Centerville’s history and was one of the organizers of the Centerville Historical Society.