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The historical marker reads as follows:


Founded June 12, 1798 by Father Lasuén, then president of the California missions, and administered by Father Peyrí, Mission San Luís Rey is notable for its impressive architecture-a composite of Spanish, Moorish, and Mexican.

The following text was copied from Wikipedia.
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was founded on June 13, 1798 in what is now the town of Oceanside, California. In 1816, Mission San Antonio de Pala was established twenty miles inland as its asistencia (“sub-mission”). The local Payomkowishum tribe became known as the Luiseño, after the San Luis mission. An early account of the mission was written by one of its Luiseño neophytes, Pablo Tac.

No services were held at the Mission for 46 years. It was not until 1892 when two Mexican priests were given permission to restore the Mission as a monastery; Father Joseph O’Keefe was assigned as an interpreter for the monks. It was he who began to restore the old Mission in 1895. The cuadrángulo (quadrangle) and church were completed in 1905. Today, Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is a working mission. It is cared for by the people who belong to the parish, and is still being restored. There is a museum and visitors center at the Mission, as well as a small cemetery.



The Mormon Battalion

Exactly 150 years ago american families adherents
Of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints were
Driven from Nauvoo, then the largest city of Illinois
Created by them out of marsh lands along the Mississippi
River. Their goal was a high desert valley at the mouth
Of the great salt lake. There they could worship god
According to the dictates of their council.

En-route and at Council Bluffs Iowa during late June
And early July 1846 discussions with federal officials
Resulted in the enlistment of 500 volunteers as soldiers
In the army of the united states to march to California in
Defense of its people.”

Another sign on an another sign of this post reads:

“One hundred fifty years later, as youths and adults, we
Place this monument to these spiritual goals of our march
Through life. We believe this personal memorial would be
More fitting in their sight, and we dedicates it stride by stride,
Imprint by imprint in every faithful footstep.

Families Of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

Erected: June 26, 1996

Dedicated: January 25, 1997

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