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Located in Historic Sandy.

This two-story Queen Anne house was built in 1893. At that time Sandy was a rural community and still isolated enough for a Victorian house of this size and detailing to be unique. The local children called it the “castle house.”

William and Amorillis Gammet Vincent moved to Sandy soon after their marriage in 1875. William, a former railroad conductor in Salt Lake, became a foreman of the Pioneer Ore Sampling Mill and later owned a saloon. The Vincent’s owned several houses in Sandy before building this large one to live in with their seven children. As prominent citizens of the community, the couple hosted many social events such as dances held on the floor of the sampling mill. They also held many events at their elegant home with its polished stairways and light room with extensive views. Amorillis was an avid gardner and the flower gardens surrounding the house were especially elaborate under her care. William died in 1921. In 1934, three years after the death of Amorillis, the property was deeded to their daughter, Mildred, and her husband, William W. O’Brien.