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2017-05-26 15.27.17On this site, 6200 South and Redwood Road, in the year 1905 stood the 64th District School House. It was a red brick building consisting of two large rooms on the west side and a single large room on the east side.
The name of the school was changed three times in a four year period:

  • 1905 64th District School
  • 1906 (September) South Taylorsville School
  • 1908 (May) Madison School

The Madison School site was sold to Bennion Ward. October 12, 1921.

The following people served as principals of the school:
W. R. Wilson 1905 – 1907
Elizabeth Bennion 1907 – 1909
Zeretta Frame 1909 – 1910
Clarissa Saunders 1910-1911
Emma J. Webster 1911 – 1912
Alta Stookey 1912 – 1913
W. R. Wilson 1913 – 1915


Note: After the site was sold to the LDS Church, a chapel was built on the site. After many years it became a Baptist Church where the monument remained. Due to a street-widening project, the building next to the monument was demolished. The monument was to be moved but it crumbled and the plaque saved. In 2010 the plaque was re-mounted on a new base a short distance west of the previous location and the old chapel cornerstone and plaque added at the base.
(SUP #9 is on the plaque and SUP #50 is not shown on the plaque)

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