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In memory of Dr. Barney Clark and his tremendous courage and pioneering spirit.

Dr. Barney Clark dedicated his life to the practice and advancement of medicine from his entry into medical school until his death.

Dr. Clark was a vital force in pioneering the use of a permanent artificial heart. He was the first recipient of this artificial heart which was surgically implanted on Dec. 2, 1982. He used this heart to sustain his life from Dec. 2, until his death on March 23, 1983. His sacrifice is immeasurable in the advancement of medicine, for this, Dr. Clark takes his place among American heroes.

Dr. Clark was one of Provo’s finest sons and he will always be remembered for his dedication and courage. He was born in Provo on Jan. 21, 1921. He attended Maeser Elementary School and Dixon Jr. High. He graduated from Provo High School in 1939, Dr. Clark received a bachelors degree from B.Y.U. in zoology, graduating with honors in 1948.

This memorial to Dr. Barney Clark is a tribute to his medical generosity, courage and life. Fundraising sponsored by KEYY Radio 1450 AM, City of Provo, The Daily Herald, Central Bank and Trust, Beesly Monument

This monument is located in Memorial Park in Provo.

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