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In the 1850’s and 1860’s, three brothers, Joseph, John, and Richard Carlisle, settled in this location between 700 West and Jordan River. Their endeavors included farming, dairying, and planting mulberry trees to raise silk worms. They developed a gravel pit on the west side of the river.

They were family men of strong character, active in public schools and the community. The “Carlisle School” was built near here. It was a five-room brick building which served students in the area from 1905 until 1923.

Many of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren settled and remained in this area. Carlisle Lane was a popular access to the Jordan River for irrigating, fishing, bird hunting, swimming, and berry picking. From this Carlisle family, like many other families from the “3900 block,” came great men who fought for their country and honorable citizens who cared greatly about their community.

This SUP Marker is located in General Holm Park along the Jordan River Parkway Trail in Salt Lake City.

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