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Wight’s Fort Cemetery

Early Pioneers displayed determination of spirit and purpose, even death, disaster, or elements of nature could not drive them away.  About 1853, on a small knoll just south of Wight’s Fort, an Indian baby was buried.  The first West Jordan pioneer child to die was a son, born to Lyman and Harriet Bateman Wight.  He was buried next to the Indian infant.  There two graves were the beginning of the Wight’s Fort Cemetery.

Trees and shrubs were planted to provide protection from drifting sand and to provide cooling share over the graves of the early settlers.

Sadly, many of the native sandstone headstones and markers have eroded with time, but the memories of these stalwart early settlers live on in the hearts of their descendants.

We honor the resting place of many of the early settlers of Wight’s Fort, especially the original families listed in order of their arrival:  John Bennion, Samuel Bennion, Lewis Wight, Lyman and Harriet Bateman Wight, Charles Wight, John Irving and Mary Street Bateman, Joseph Stacy, J.H. Murdock, John Loveless, John Elmer Cutler and Sheldon Cutler.

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